We Did It!

    Youth Reach SA in collaboration with Alive Inside hosted a pilot three day camp. the first of many more to come.

     A huge thank you to volunteers from Alive inside, the Camp Managers and staff from www.rmfj.co.za and all the other friends and of course our sponsors. You have made a monumental difference to each of the 50 attendees and we believe this was not just a once off, touch of change, but a life long effect has been started in each students heart.
The seed was planted and it will grow and cause a ripple affect that will be experienced for years to come, in each of their lives and those surrounding them.
    May God bless each one of you who played your part to make this possible.

    This was a pilot camp, giving us a template to work off to develop many more effective camps and if you would like to participate in any way, do not hesitate to make contact and become a world changer with us!
     Our camps are aimed at addressing negative mindsets that cripple us as humans from being all that God has created us to be, and instilling new thought pasterns that enable us to perform at our full potential
     So you can imagine, our students return home, motivated, empowered, rejuvenated, goal driven, and knowing that they are part of a greater family.

Chris said "It was really special for me to see these boys learn so quickly and put into practice the things we taught them. They are real sponges for truth and we had an incredible time with them this weekend and I know it was a time that none of us will ever forget!"

Chris sharing from personal experience, the continuous positive ripple effect of knowing the fathers love

Dito shares practical tips on facing your Giants!

Dito said:
I was privileged to be invited to speak at two of the classes, and to me it wasn't so much about teaching them anything rehearsed or that I read in a book, but rather embracing each student as my own brother and just expressing my love and concern for them.

I went to the camp with the intention of teaching, but I left learning. :-)
The compassion and care that I experienced between all the attendees was that of a close family and brotherhood.
My dream is that we will all take this ability to love your neighbor, close to home and apply it to our everyday lives.

On my way out, I passed one of the students and hugged them, during the hug I encouraged her that her dreams and goals are possible, and that we love her and are always there for her, this brought her to tears, and she expressed how she doesn't know this kind of brotherhood and she doesn't experience this at home.
I dare you, hug someone today! you may change a life.
the trip back home was such an awesome experience to see the joy of positive vision for life, in everyone's eyes 

Tereza from alive inside said: What amazed me was how everything just flowed so easily for this camp, it seemed like one thing after another just came to us. We knew in our hearts that the Lord was in this thing and that Jesus was going to rock these kids’ socks off and we were just so thankful to be a part! And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened!
We are so thankful for His faithfulness to His promises! When He says He will supply all our needs, He really means it; and He is One that you CAN count on!"

Addressing the physic-social needs goes hand in hand with meeting the physical needs of our students. 
thankfully God has come through with shoes and blankets for all attendees!
Smiles all around :-)

Quoted from Tiago Silva
"God did not come to teach us magic tricks but rather change our mindset to one of believing that all things are in fact possible."

YouthReach SA cares for teenagers in Diepsloot  by providing weekly Student Christian Meetings, personal counseling for teachers and learners, school assemblies, holiday camps, tutoring and school equipment for 5 High Schools in the Diepsloot township. Welcome to our blog!


YouthReach Baptism Day

On October 8th 2014 over 70 learners from 5 Diepsloot High Schools committed themselves to the waters of Baptism assisted by 10 volunteers from YouthReach. Thanks for a wonderful team effort by the volunteers who cooked, set up counseled and guided, baptized, played and prayed with the learners! Enjoy the pictures!

Just following in His footsteps
Loading up  in the truck
Early Birds get an activity
Over 70 kids loving Jesus!
Tiago takes Iterele learners into group time
Diepsloot Combined Leaners with Phoebe (in the doorway)

Tiago and Ike with Mathrine
..with Caroline
young mum of a year old baby.
...the joy of the Lord
the view from the side
Precious lives......

.......dedicated to Jesus
buried with Him.....

......risen with Him
Maths teacher Joseph with Simon and Ike

time for celebration......

Shenaz- Tutoring and Arts 'n Crafts Volunteer

This is a report on the second project I did with the Grade 8 classes  at the Diepsloot Combined School.
The learner made themselves an elasticated bracelet with the beads I had provided.
They had loads of fun planning what colour beads they were going to use , mixing shapes and textures.
These bracelets would form part of their term mark for Arts and Culture.
I was intrigued by the kids excitement of getting to make a item at school that they got to take home once the teacher had marked it. The creativity expressed and the smiles on their faces was very rewarding.---- Shenaz



All Eyes on Jesus

I love this picture of a Student Christian Meeting at
Diepsloot West School.
Every single eye is fixed and focused on Jesus!

SCM Fun Day

On Friday June 27th we held our first Fun Day for the Student Christian Meeting members from four schools.


We are so grateful for so many visitors who came through to contribute.

 Singers and rappers:       Lily and Black from Fresh Impressions.

 Motivational speakers:   Ed Ramsani from Willow Creek.
                                         Chris Olsen from Bryanston Bible Church
                                         Zinhle, actress and producer.

Choir:                       Jeoffrey Hlongo with Live Your Dream Africa

Many thanks also to Joan from Texas USA and Bryanston Church for sponsoring the Angus Buchan books for all the learners.

An especially big hand to our YouthReach staff Lita and David de Silva who put together a package of toiletries and prepared the over 400 hot dogs that were needed on the day.

Diepsloot Teenagers Attend Willow Creek Leadership Training Seminar

Through Ed Ramsani who attended our SCM fun day, 8 young leaders from Diepsloot were invited to a Willow Creek leadership conference along with YouthReach workers , Simon Bennett and David Silva

The conference was hosted by Oscar Muriu, the senior pastor of Nairobi Chapel, who has developed  dynamic  programs for identifying and training young leaders to expand the Kingdom of God.

We had trouble with our truck, so transported all 8 teenagers in a Toyota Yaris. So we arrived a little sore!

  The meeting was excellent for us all. These were some of the takeways.

1) The success and volume of your work/harvest will depend directly on your ability to train, empower and release leaders.

2)If you want a legacy it is not enough to be influential in your own generation. You must invest in the next generation.

3) The leaders you need are already in your vicinity. They just need to be identified, called out and challenged.

4) Impart the five loves to your leaders.
           1) Love the Lord with all your heart:        Character
           2) Love the Lord with all your mind.        Understanding
           3) Love the Lord with all your soul.         Conviction and Values
           4) Love the Lord with all your strength.   Competence and skill.
           5) Love  your neighbor as yourself.          Compassion

5) Spend time. Jesus spent, by conservative estimations, over 10,000 hours with his disciples. That is why the priests were able to see just by looking and listening to them that they had been with Jesus. How many hours are we willing to give to our young leaders so they can learn from us?

The teenagers were rewarded when Oscar gathered them all and prayed for them after the meeting. Thank God for a true man of God for the teenagers to see in the flesh!